Planning out how to get all you want for your wedding without breaking the bank

Believe it or not the best way to save money planning a wedding is to ensure you don't waste money. Sounds simple but it can get really challenging when you facing your 100th decision!

Our best advice? Hire a professional coordinator! You might think that you are saving money by organizing your own event, but in reality there are so many hidden costs that will pile up if you do your event the hard way.... solo. We hate to burst your bubble but even Martha Stewart has help.

Think of a wedding planner as your ally in creating the beautiful and personal event you want and streamlining expenses. You also have the added bonus of dramatically reducing your own and your families stress levels by turning your event over to someone who has planned hundreds of events.

Here are some other tips on how to save some money but still get what you want.

1. It is never too early to start planning.

You will make far more cost effective decisions in advance than you ever will under the gun. Go to a bridal show and look for what you like. You have not saved money if you end up with a product or service that you are not happy with! Take your time looking at the vendors that meet your needs for your ideal wedding. But most importantly; PRIORITIZE. You may not need the most expensive of each and every service. Not everything needs to be a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10. Use our halo questionnaire to get you started on priorities.

2. Try not to get married in wedding high peak time.

You can most likely, hold your wedding any time that you want to. It may not have to be during the “wedding season“ of April to October.

3. Emotion is more powerful than length of time.

Keep your reception powerful, not necessarily long. You don’t have to have to go to the bitter end.

4. Don’t forget to include tips and unforeseen expenses in your budget.

Musicians, Officiant & Catering staff should get 15 to 20%

5. Don’t invite everyone you know.

If you thought really hard you probably know 200 people including you postman. But are you dead set on having them share in the most intimate day of your life? Start with your core people; your closest friends and family. You will find that your guest list grows and grows in larger concentric circles like a thing with a mind of its own! Winnow out anyone that you really are no longer connected with. And beware of co worker invites, inviting one person from work does not mean you have to have a company picnic at your reception.

6. Wed on a weekday.

Most wedding venues and vendors will reduce their fees if you choose to wed Monday through Thursday. If you are importing most of your guests anyway, then it does not really matter does it? For them it is a vacation anyway! The fact that it is your wedding day makes it special no matter what the day!

7. Use something borrowed to the hilt.

Take full advantage of this one. Not only is this practical it is far more sentimental for you and the borrower. Use the same cake cutter or jewelry that your best friend used in her wedding.

8. Make things, get creative.

Have a party for your friends to help you. Martha Stewart here we come! You can make your save the date cards, invitations, favors, ring pillow, etc.

9. Have your caterer serve heavy hors d'oeuvres instead of a 5-course meal.

Serving heavy hors d’oeuvres has the added bonus of keeping your guests circulating and does not weigh them down right when you are expecting them to dance!

10. Have your wedding gown made.

Having a custom gown tailored is far less expensive than you might think. You can also customize to meet your style, your figure and your event.

11. Do not throw money at your event.

A wedding is a time for the friends and relatives of a couple to come together to join in a common feeling of joy, hope and celebration of their love. Personal details that enhance your event and time spent with your guests are far more meaningful and lavish than spending a ton of money on physical things.

12. Never skimp on your venue.

Saving money can come in many effective shapes and sizes. Do not, however, skimp on the site. Your entire wedding is built upon this foundation. Most venues offer so many in-house amenities that if you try to break it down and pull everything together from different sources you end up paying more and facing potential chaos and zero responsibility. Do not be penny wise and pound foolish; go with the best venue you can afford.

13. Enjoy your own event.

Most important of all is your own experience. Every penny is wasted if you have no recollection of your own wedding because you were so stressed trying to coordinator and run damage control the day of. Which leads us back to getting a professional event planner!