After you get married if you want to share last names...

Out with the old and in with the new. You made the decision to change your name! Now all you need to do is complete the final steps.

Whether the bride changes her last name, hyphenates the two or both partners choose a new last name, changing your name requires a little bit of paperwork and some legwork.

Here is all the information you need to do a name change:

1. Request a certified copy of your filed marriage license 3-4 weeks after your ceremony, by mail or by phone with a credit card.

Take or mail the certified copy to the nearest Social Security Administration office first and change your SS card. Call 1-800-772-1213 for SSA location nearest you.

2. From there you can change the rest of your legal documents such as;

Drivers license and Vehicle registration, you must go in person to your local Department of Motor Vehicles.

Voter Registration, mail in form to

Registrar of Voters

P.O. Box 85093

San Diego, CA. 92186-9910



Passport, mail original certified copy of license only with form to:

Los Angeles Passport Agency

Room 13100

Federal Building 11000 Wilshire Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA. 90024-3615


Bank Accounts

Bank accounts, photocopy of license should suffice. Go into your local branch with new Driver's license and/or license copy.

Credit Agencies

Credit agencies, photocopy of license should suffice.

And more....

And don't forget; Post Office, Human Resources at work, Insurance Policies, Pension Plans, Stocks, Bonds, Property Titles, Doctors Offices, Leases, Outstanding loan accounts, School records, Business cards and both of your wills.