Wedding Ministers, Officiants and Celebrants, the people who get you to your "I do's"! 

Finding the right person to deliver your ceremony can seem daunting if you do not already have a religious affiliation with a group or church to provide you with one. Check out our Specialty Services page in our Resources section for some great people or follow these steps to find the perfect marriage between you and your Officiant.

Q. I have a question about the Universal Life Church. The friend who introduced my fiancé and I got ordained on-line at the Universal Life Church web-site and she's going to be our Officiant. We're all a little nervous, even though it says it is perfectly legal. How can we make sure that this is legal and that she can legally marry us? She did receive confirmation from them, but the whole thing seems a little too easy. ~ 

Kristin H.

A One of most beautiful things about our country is freedom of religion. This includes worshiping, getting married and anything that falls under the domain of “spiritual.”

Universal Life Church was created to allow anyone to live out their ideology their way and will ordain anyone who contacts them for a Minister’s license, without stipulation.

The Recorder County Clerk of San Diego County and The State of California, recognize anyone ordained by a recognized religion as a legal wedding officiant; this includes Native American Shamans, Muslim Imams, Jewish Rabbis, Christian Ministers, Catholic Priests, a host of other religious titles and Universal Life Church Ministers.

So congratulations on your upcoming wedding; you have nothing to worry about. But since church and state are separate, thankfully, you still need to get a state license to be legally married in the eyes of the law. To do this, simply go to your nearest Recorder County Clerk together and get your license 90 days or less before your wedding day. Your Officiant then signs your license as a non-denominational minister, official title "Reverend" and your witnesses sign and you are married!

The San Diego Recorder County Clerk will also issue a 'San Diego County Deputy Marriage Commissioner for a Day' license to anyone.  Couples can have anyone be their Legal Officiant. For a fee of $80, a couple may choose a friend or relative to be deputized to perform their wedding ceremony at their chosen venue.  Anyone who wishes to be deputized to perform a wedding ceremony must submit an application form for appointment to the County Clerk in person or by mail. Check it out here but be sure scroll down to bottom of page [top part is if you want have your wedding at the County Clerk's office].