Registering for all your dishes, appliances even your honeymoon makes sense

Need help with ideas for your gift registry? Read our practical and creative ways you can create a registry that is your own.

There are three major options for registering for gifts;

Traditional Gift Registry: Kitchenware, towels, silverware, home items, furniture, etc. Perfect for the couple who will be creating their first home together. If you choose to register for gifts, consider registering through the I Do Foundation website. I Do will generate a percentage of each purchase as a contribution to charity.

Donations: Create a donation registry, where your guests can donate money to your favorite charities online and make a gift in your couple's name. The I Do Foundation offers a range of non-profit organizations to choose from; from community development and children’s charities to environmental and health-oriented non-profits.

Travel: This highly practical option allows couples to register for airfare, hotel and activities for their honeymoon!

Of course you know that it is never appropriate to mention gifts in your wedding invitation, indeed one is not even supposed to mention a preference of receiving any gifts at all. All information about your gift preferences;  letting people know where you are registered, if you prefer money, travel or a home registry over gifts, is the province of your wedding party members and your parents. Anyone asking about your gift registry should be directed to the appropriate person in charge of gifts; usually the maid of honor- who then gives them the clear guidance they need.

On the other hand, shower invitations, may clearly inform invitees about the couple's registry or gift preferences. Try combining two or three of the above options to allow your loved ones to give you what they want and what you want too.