Getting your marriage license in San Diego County

Time to make your marriage legally recognized and recorded by the state.  Read how easy it is to obtain your marriage license in San Diego.

Getting your marriage license in San Diego is so easy. No blood tests are required and you need only spend 10 to 15 minutes and $70 [or $89 for Confidential license] at the Recorder County Clerks Office to obtain your license. The license is good for 90 days so make sure to get it within 90 days before your ceremony. Your Officiant and witness [s] sign your license at the time of your ceremony. Your Officiant is responsible for returning your license to be recorded. Both Bride and Groom must appear together with a valid photo identification from a governmental agency. The ID must have your full legal name and birth date on it. Foreign passports must have a valid Visa. Final decrees of divorce are required if the divorce occurred within the previous 90 days.

A word about the 'confidential marriage license' option. We know it sounds very Hollywood to get married in secret but know that no one can access that record, not children, grand children or anyone. 

We recommend going for the good old 'Non Confidential Marriage Certificate', will thank you!

You do need an appointment to get your license. 

San Diego County's Recorder County Clerk Offices are located around town click for addresses and hours:

San Diego County Administration Center 619-237-0502

San Marcos Branch Office 760-940-6858

Kearny Mesa Branch Office 619-505-6226

El Cajon Civic Center 619-401-5750

Chula Vista Office 619-498-2277

Here is a link to R.C.C.'s vital forms page. You must still request your license in person.