1. If you are a wedding professional published by SanDiegoWedding.com | NUPTIALS e magazine | #lovetotallyplanlocally you have the right to be properly credited. This credit will be on the original featured wedding/styled shoot /blog post on SanDiegoWedding.com | NUPTIALS e magazine and may not always extend to any or all social media posts. 

2.  If you see a featured wedding or styled shoot on the website in which someone associated with the wedding/shoot was not credited please notify us here at once so we may resolve the issue as soon as possible, usually within 2 business days. 90% of the time a featured wedding or shoot is submitted to us by the photographer [who owns the rights to the images] and who may not even know all who all the participants were in a wedding or shoot to supply us with all credits. 

3.  A featured wedding or a styled shoot that is published on the blog and then blasted via social media on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and then on half a dozen wedding related Facebook groups reaching tens of thousand of San Diego, CA / Southern California wedding related eyeballs, requires a minimum of 4-8 hours of time to produce and has a media value of $800-$1000. Please respect this and share the posts and social media that showcase you.

4.  If corrections need to be made on any social media [Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter post] please communicate directly with the office **do not add "hey you made a mistake and did not tag me why not?") or less than positive corrections in the comments section**  simply ask "I was involved in this please tag me". Please email us at info@sandiegowedding.com  or add a polite tag of ‘please add me I was the makeup artist’ to post. Negative comments will get the entire post deleted.

5. When you get a social media post or blog post it is not appropriate to mention other media where you or the posted wedding or shoot will be published. 

6. Facebook has changed their algorithms once again and over-tagging in Facebook posts gets posts suppressed. See a recent Wedding Chicks email about the need to limit tagging on featured posts.

7. Every attempt is made at tagging all companies in social media. Many small businesses do not have an easily verifiable Facebook or Instagram handle unless your post is paid media we will make a single attempt to find companies to tag. 

8. Depending on time or space allotments, or tagging limitations, sometimes only the photographer and or location will be tagged in social media and/or the person responsible for the primary content of the image [florist for flowers, gown designer for gown, etc.] who submitted for publication.  Please note we do not credit or tag models.

9. You do not have to say "Thank You" to us for publishing you at no charge, but it will certainly be in your favor in the future when we are going through our hundreds of monthly submission requests to get published and exposure via our 5 media channels.

10. You are not required to advertise with us but it will certainly help you get published a lot more. We are a business and our product is showcasing wedding ideas, services and products to tens of thousands of Southern California brides and grooms. Our time and multi level wedding media channel work is valuable. Please see what The Editor’s Touch has to say about getting published for free:  ‘Don’t be all Play and no Pay”

11. You are expected to share any posts about you to your followers, not just like them.

12. Re posting happens and is actually good blogging practice, please do not add your comments of "hey this is old or we did this event a long time ago" to the media chain of posts.

12. It is completely inappropriate to tag your own business in posts that have nothing to do with you is actionable. We spend a great deal of time and money creating channels for brides, grooms and industry to see and "guerilla tagging" is against our rules and will make you liable for damages. 

13. If you are part of a styled shoot created or art directed by SanDiegoWedding.com or Love Your Show, Inc. you may not post or share any images until after we have published.

14. Priority is given to paid content from advertisers. If you have been quoted an approximate publish date for an unpaid post like a featured wedding please know the date is flexible. We move blog posts around  to accommodate date-specific and paid posts and to even out the month's features so the blog's content stays balanced. 

14. We appreciate you adding our 'as featured on SanDiegoWedding.com' badge [below] to your website with link back to our site.