Weddings are always sunny in San Diego, California ....right? 

You can't control the weather - not even in San Diego! Okay sure it is almost always 72° [hence our blog name] and clear skies but still.... But no worries, we can help you prepare for the most beautiful day possible.

Are you hoping to wed during San Diego’s winter [a chilly average temp of 60°] or our balmy Autumn with a 72° average in September? And don’t forget you may get a fluke Santa Ana weather pattern with our signature 90° breezes!

San Diego hosts over 30,000 weddings a year for a good reason. It is usually sunny and gorgeous. But it can get quite hot here, especially inland, and contrary to popular songs, it does rain here.

Outdoor events must have adequate shade for guests, children, older folks and bridal party. Consider water, lemonade or iced tea for guests who will arrive early and parasols, fans, rented market umbrellas or tenting to provide reduced temperature and UV protection. No one likes to sweat in formalwear and full makeup -not you, your guests or your wedding professionals!

December through March weddings should have a contingency for rain. A rented canopy and a few heaters will warm up your outdoor event perfectly. Actually, we have seen "rain outs" bring guests together and create a strong sense of camaraderie and celebration. You cannot control the weather, so don't stress over it; just be prepared.

If you still want to run the numbers - check your fav weather app or here is a link to the weather channel.